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Tuesday 6th June 2017
Your Security and the NBN

How to Upgrade Your Security System with the New NBN Network

The NBN rollout across the country has been one great leap for Australia in terms of embracing connectivity trends. In the security industry this has prompted the proliferation of wireless monitoring. Thanks to the introduction of this advanced technology, residents can seize the opportunity to cancel your telephone line (PSTN) saving you money and allowing you the freedom to choose an NBN package to suit your needs.

However, before the installation of the NBN, it is important to assess your current situation. By getting in touch with your security alarm provider, you can discuss the benefits of upgrading your current dialler alarm system to wireless communications.

Here are a few vital questions you should keep in mind when taking that next step towards improving your security measures.

Is the NBN network available in my area?

As the network is still in the process of rolling out across the country, it may not be available in your area yet. You can check here.

Is my alarm compatible with the NBN network?

Alarm systems will not report via a standard NBN package and the vast majority of existing alarm systems will not report reliably via NBN even if you have paid for add on options like activated UNI-V port and back up battery. Even with the added expense of activated UNI-V port and back up battery manufacturers will not guarantee even the latest alarm systems will report reliably. To remove the worry of communications not being received by your Monitoring Centre a wireless modem can be added to your existing alarm system to allow it to report via the GPRS (mobile) network.

If you are unsure which option is best suited to your needs, your security alarm provider can help answer any questions and guide you towards the most practical and economical solution for you.

Will my alarm dial out in a power outage once I upgrade to NBN?

Yes, if you have installed a wireless communicator for your alarm system, your current alarm panel battery will provide power to the alarm panel and the wireless communicator allowing your system to report to your monitoring centre. NBN packages without long life back up batteries will revert to “emergency” phone calls only in the event of a power outage.

Upon requesting the new phone or internet service over the NBN, make sure you order one that has battery backup.  This ensures your phone will continue to call out for a limited period of time if a power outage occurs.

By upgrading your alarm system to Wireless, you can gain peace of mind that your home, business and possessions are kept as safe and secure as possible using the most advanced technology to date.

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