Choosing the Right Security System for Your Office
Tuesday 10th July 2018
Choosing the Right Security System for Your Office

When choosing a security system to protect your staff, it is of utmost importance that you select a security solution that is suited to your office’s needs and unique requirements. Whether your place of work is a warehouse, factory or a corporate office, there are countless security solutions to consider. In order to effectively safeguard your employees, work site and business assets, you must prioritise that your office security provides you with necessary protection. To discover tips in choosing the right security system for your office, read on.


Access Control
It’s important that gaining access to your work place is strictly limited to those who are authorised to have access. One of the major benefits with advanced access control systems is that you can easily set controls to individually program different security levels for your entire staff network. This provides enormous value for businesses that require staff members to only have secured entry to certain areas, and at specific times.

Access control integrations ensure that your office is protected from end-to-end. Depending upon the individual necessities of your workplace, you can set up your access control to have a standard code pad, proximity reader or have a biometric interface. Advanced access control systems also allow for you to check on who has access to your office space through mobile app technology. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, or how big your office is, you must ensure that you effectively monitor who has access to your workplace in order to safeguard your staff from intruders and hazardous situations.


No matter if you work in a corporate office, warehouse or factory site, setting up video surveillance will bring immense value in safeguarding the welfare of your staff and property. CCTV systems allow for you to easily address and gather evidence for any OH&S incidents and claims that occur in the workplace. As most CCTV systems use high definition security cameras, you will have reliable access to high quality recorded footage but also be able to remotely access any live feeds you set up.

For warehouses and factories, CCTV set ups provide you with onsite protection to check whether any staff members cross the threshold into any dangerous and unauthorised areas. CCTV systems also provide you with the ability to effortlessly check on live feeds, so that you can easily check on multiple areas of your industrial site from a remote area.

At ART Security, we utilise the latest technological solutions in CCTV to provide you with a complete and all-encompassing video surveillance structure. Get in touch with our team of security industry leaders to get started with designing an effective security system for you and your staff.


Alarm Monitoring
When installing an alarm monitoring system for your office, it is vital that your choice of security system features volumetric detection coverage and is suited to effectively protect your business and staff. Whether your place of work is a high-rise corporate office, restaurant, convenience store, or construction site, an efficient alarm monitoring system is critical in protecting not only your office property, but also your employees. In setting up your office space with a commercial alarm monitoring system, you will be readily alerted each time there has been an unauthorised detection.

At ART Security, our alarm monitoring solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of your office. If you’re after a state-of-the-art alarm monitoring solution to safeguard your employees and office space, discover our wide range of alarm monitoring packages.


ART Security is a founding member of the Australian Security Industry Limited (ASIAL), the industry’s foremost national standards group. As an Australian leader in security solutions, you can be assured our wide range of security services are of the highest quality and are tailored to suit your office’s specific set up requirements. For more information about installing an effective security solution for your office, factory or warehouse, contact us on 1300 278 732 (1300 ART SEC) or fill in our online enquiry form.

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