Tuesday 14th August 2018
Ways to Optimise Your Safety at an Industrial Site

Setting up reliable security architecture at your industrial site will not only optimise levels of safety for your employees, but will also assist your business in protecting efficient levels of productivity. With industrial sites, it’s vital that you take a holistic approach to security surveillance, as there are so many contingencies involved in maintaining a workspace that can reliably protect staff and your company’s property and industrial assets. Read on to find out the ways you can increase levels of safety and efficiency at your industrial site.


Access Control
As with most industrial sites, some staff members will be permitted access to specific areas whilst also having restricted access to other locations on your industrial site. Access control provides your business an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) tool to limit staff access to dangerous areas and decrease pedestrian traffic in areas that are sensitive.

Industrial sites can control different levels of security access through a range of options including swipe cards, ID cards, keypad access, Bluetooth readers and biometric readers. Access control systems are always integrated with an alarm  system which can be programmed to deny access to unauthorised parties and/or generate an alarm when a secure area has been entered. Discover more about our access control products by clicking here.


Alarm Monitoring
An effective alarm monitoring set up at an industrial site will minimise your risk to theft and potential wilful damage. It can even be setup to notify staff members when secure, high risk areas have been entered. Installing detection points on entry doors to high risk or dangerous areas and detections points within these areas themselves will ensure any unauthorised access is quickly identified. Not only will this allow you to protect your staff by quickly identifying their location inside a high risk and dangerous area it will help  facilitate the quick removal of them from the area and minimise the time onsite and damage of an unauthorised intruder.


It is vitally important that you employ the services of a certified risk management consultant to ensure your CCTV installation is optimised to promote safety of your employees and minimise risk of potential loss and wilful damage. Setting up an appropriate CCTV system will not only protect your staff and employees from potential harm to their safety, but will also help to ensure that your assets are protected from potential wilful damage, misuse and loss. All CCTV systems also allow viewing from offsite locations.

As with most state-of-the-art technology today, you will find that most surveillance camera options will provide you the means to monitor and record footage in high definition (HD). Securing HD footage is necessary in order to accurately determine whether there has been a security breach at your industrial site. Possessing HD video footage may also make  it  easier for you to identify who was  responsible for  any trespasses or  causes of potential safety threats. Video surveillance plays a major role in safeguarding your staff and employees from potential threats to their safety. Find out more about why CCTV is vital to protecting your industrial site.


To learn more about our range and options of security products for industrial sites, call us today on 1300 ART SEC (1300 278 732). Our security solutions are scalable, intelligent and offer you innovative ways to enhance levels of safety and efficiency at your industrial site, end-to-end. Connect with our team of security experts to discover which security strategy is most appropriate for your business.

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