Why a CCTV Installation Is Crucial for Your Business
Tuesday 7th August 2018
Why a CCTV Installation Is Crucial for Your Business

CCTV security systems provide businesses a reliable and cost-effective means to minimise the risk of loss or damage to their property and assets. Making use of the latest advancements in technology, most CCTV systems allow for you to monitor and record footage in high definition, whether you are onsite or are based at a remote location. Whether you run a small business or manage a large private company, it’s crucial that you minimise the potential risk to your business.  To discover more reasons why your business should invest in a secure CCTV system, read on.


Keep an eye on high-risk areas
CCTV can be used to monitor high-risk areas in your work environment, helping you to ensure you safeguard your employees and business assets. Along with a monitored alarm system a CCTV system may help you identify a problem before, or shortly after it has occurred allowing you to minimise damage.


Reliable footage for to help solve any crimes
In the event a crime is allegedly committed on your commercial property, footage from your CCTV system may be used as evidence in the investigation of the alleged crime. Using the latest technology, high definition footage can be effortlessly shared with authorities and company staff as you require.


Safeguard your staff
Especially for businesses that are customer-facing, it is important that you have CCTV installed in order to ensure you are meeting your duty of care for your staff members. It is imperative that you inform all staff and customers if they are being monitored but often just the presence of CCTV can deter potentially violent or aggressive customers. CCTV systems can also safeguard against false accusations from clients or staff members and act as a potent deterrent for theft and wilful damage.


Influencing honest and positive behaviour from employees
Not only will knowing that there are security cameras installed make your staff feel safe and secure, a CCTV set up at your office will also help promote positive behaviour from your staff and customers. Generally, CCTV security setups will influence your staff to be more disciplined and to work efficiently and with honesty. If your office is customer-facing, you will also find that your customers will feel secure and confident in doing business with your company.


Contact the team at ART Security on 1300 ART SEC (1300 278 732) for more information about setting up a reliable state of the art CCTV security system for your business.

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