Sunday 4th February 2018
Safes and Secure Storage

To ensure that your valuables are safe and secure, it is critical that you have installed security systems that can effectively safeguard and protect your storage spaces. It is greatly recommended that you don’t have your security measures installed by yourself and instead have your security concerns handled by a team of expert security professionals.


The security of your valuables is not something that you should skimp out on. Whether you’re protecting cash, jewellery, or important legal documents, you need to ensure that your goods are protected from unwanted visitors. Here are some effective ways to protect your safes and add extra security for your storage spaces:


Install CCTV

To keep an eye on your safes and to secure your storage spaces, it is worth looking into CCTV installation.

When installing your CCTV system contact a professional security company who can give you advice on the best system for your needs.  They will advise you of all the features the latest state of the art cameras have to store footage, so that you can refer to the visuals later, should there be any security breaches. If you want to find out more about effective CCTV systems, have a look at our information page.


Adding Access Control to Secure Your Safe and Storage

An option to further secure your safe and storage space is to install access control. This may be more targeted towards retail/commercial environments but there is a place in the domestic market as well. Installing Access Control will allow you the power to delegate who will have access to your safe and storage and at what times these will be accessible. With Access Control, you also have the option to integrate the structure with your current security system, meaning that you will have the ability to individually program access levels for everyone.


Set Up Your Safe or Storage with an Alarm System

At ART Security, we offer a range of standard Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors that can detect any movements within a specific area.  By having the alarm system monitored, you will be alerted 24/7 of any security breaches and have an immediate response.   To request a call or get in touch about a free quote, fill in your details online or call us directly at 1300 278 732 (1300 ART SEC). We would love to hear from you and help you on all your security projects.

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