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Wednesday 21st June 2017
Security at Every Life Stage

Life Stages that Call for a Security Upgrade

There are so many different life situations that signal it’s time you should re-examine or look at upgrading your security. We have made a cohesive list to ensure that you are all over your homes security, and are able to breeze through the life stages with ease.

Moving in Together

A massive step in anybody’s life- moving in with your partner. This may be a great tune to upgrade your security systems, ensuring that you are both aware of the operation and codes associated with the systems in place. Create an individual, personalised access code for each member of your household. Ensure that this code is used exclusively by that member of the household. If your alarm system is monitored make sure you update your after hours contact details with your monitoring company to include all appropriate members of the household and ensure that everyone on the after hours contact list understands their responsibility.

A New Addition

Any parent takes the security and safety of their child extremely seriously. Installing cameras around the home and nursery can ensure that you have eyes on your little one. From getting state of the art baby monitors to know how your child is when sleeping, or to simply check-up, is a fantastic way to update your safety mechanisms to include your baby.

Change of Residence

When moving into a new place of residence, you should always examine and upgrade your security system to fit into your lifestyle. Hire a professional to come to your new location and assess the security system that is in place and ways to upgrade it. You should always look at changing the locks once you move into a new residence, and change any passcodes left from previous home owners to ensure that you and your family are the only ones with a way in.


Whether it is your own retirement, or the retirement of a loved one- update your security system to ensure the safety of everyone within the house. You may become more targeted the older you get as thieves would assume that homeowners will be less agile and therefore assume that your house is easier to enter. If you intend on spending more time at home consider having your monitored alarm system reprogram to include a “night” mode or “stay” mode. This enables you to arm sections of your house whilst still being able to move around inside. For example you may sleep upstairs, and would like to arm the downstairs section of the house at night whilst leaving the upstairs unarmed so that you may move around freely as required upstairs.

Ensure your/your loved one’s security by installing a few security measures within your home.

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