Important Things to Consider When Installing Security Systems
Monday 2nd April 2018
Important Things to Consider When Installing Security Systems

When you are in the process of choosing the right security system to install, it’s crucial that you consider the following points to verify that your choice of system will be the best one to protect your premises. There’s a lot of planning involved in determining the choice of electronic security system and CCTV to best suit your needs. Keep reading to find out what you need to consider.

Your budget
Your budget will dictate the size, efficiency and overall scope of your selected security and camera system. Generally, you will find that the more you are willing to spend on your security equipment, the more you will have to access different features with your security system providing better protection for your premises. Click here to discover why it’s a bad idea to DIY your security system.

Starting from a $1 a day it is worth having your security system monitored by a Graded Monitoring Centre.  A monitored alarm system gives you peace of mind knowing whether you are away on holidays or just down the street you are always notified of an alarm event and can action accordingly.

Technical Specifications
Are you looking for a CCTV system to work in conjunction with your security system? Installing CCTV Cameras and connecting your cameras via an application on your mobile device will allow you to easily view footage in the event of an alarm activation.

Similarly, if the space you’re protecting does not have much lighting, you should consider cameras that have strong night vision capabilities. With night vision cameras, you must make sure that the camera you choose produces high quality footage or else your feed will be ineffective due to being too pixelated and grainy.

When looking at the technical specifications of your surveillance system, you should look at what your security priorities are and make sure that your setup reflects your specific needs.


DIY security setups can lead to multiple problems such as annoying false alarms and incorrect positioning. It’s always a good idea to have your security system set up by qualified security experts to avoid faulty installations and make sure your system of choice works for you in the long term.

For a discussion on how to find the best security system for you, call us on 1300 278 732 or send us an email. In being one of Australia’s leading security companies, we are confident that our surveillance and security setups are of the highest level. Our expert staff are here to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, get in touch today – we would love to hear from you.

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