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Monday 14th August 2017
How to Secure Your Garage

Security plans tend to focus on the principal areas of the home, and in this focus, they can sometimes skip past one of the areas that hold the most value. From tools, to vehicles and machinery, ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps to secure your garage today.

Vehicle Safety

One of the most expensive investments that you will make besides your home, is the one you make in your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to take the initiative to add security measures in the area.

An action that you can take immediately is ensuring that no valuables are left in your car. From laptops and GPS systems to accessories such as rings and sunglasses– these are things that should all be removed before you leave your car.

Although it is an enclosed space, you need to ensure that you lock the doors of your car and roll any windows up. If you do not, you are creating an easy access opportunity for intruders.

Tools and Machinery

When it comes to your tools, there could be hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment kept in the one location. Even with a locked toolbox, it is easy for intruders to carry this out of the garage with them. An easy way to combat this, and save the pain on losing large amounts of equipment, is by locking is in a secure cabinet. By doing this, you are adding an extra level of security that will most often be overlooked by intruders, especially if it is made of a durable material such as metal.

More than that, it could be worth creating an inventory for your tools. By doing so, it allows you to keep track on the whereabouts of your tools and whether they are borrowed, or missing. Also ensure that you label your equipment with a permanent label. This helps in the case that they are stolen as they can be identifiable in the case of theft.

Deterring Burglars

If an intruder is canvassing your house, they know that a lot of value lies in a garage. Although they may look secure due to heavy roller doors or gates, it can fall as an easy target for theft. There are a number of systems that can be put in place to deter and catch thieves, and protect one of the main entry points of your home.

Your first step should be ensuring that your garage has a lock of some description. It should require a pin or a key to access your home from inside the garage, and to access the garage from outside the home. Limit the amount of people you grant access to, and keep track on who does have access.

An additional step that is worth taking is the inclusion of a wireless monitored security system and cameras. This would be one directed down your driveway to capture image of anyone coming up to your garage, and one inside the garage. Supplementary to this, adding motion detectors can often catch thieves off guard, and deter them from going through with the robbery.

Ensure you take the appropriate security measures to secure your garage or home, and get in touch today.

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