Do Home Security Systems Make Your Home Safer?
Saturday 2nd June 2018
Do Home Security Systems Make Your Home Safer?

When devising strategies to make you feel safe at home, most people will dedicate time to research the different types of home security systems to safeguard their home. Some families will choose to adopt a guard dog while others will investigate technological systems such as alarm systems, access control, or intercom installations.

Do these security solutions help make your home safer and are they worth investing in? Many homeowners will answer with a resounding “Yes”. To find out the ways a security system can help safeguard your home, read on.


Having an alarm system visible will drastically reduce the amount of burglary attempts – If unwanted visitors know that they are being watched, this will discourage any thieves and burglars from making any attempts to break into your home. Whilst a security system can’t guarantee that your home will completely be safeguarded from being broken into, a security installation will most likely reduce the chances of home break-ins happening.


Security systems use state-of-the-art technology – The installation of a smart security detector that uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) will enable to you to be immediately notified via our Monitoring Centre whenever there are any unsolicited movements within the confines of your home. Further to this, advancements within the Internet of Things (IoT) area and application development progress on mobile device, means that you are now able to visibly monitor and check up on your home from your mobile phone screen. Start a conversation with our specialised security team to discuss which home security options can help maximise protection for your home.


Access control and intercoms can be integrated to enhance your security system setup – Access control and intercom setups can be arranged to communicate with your current security system installation. At ART, we can help set up your home security so that it can provide you with a streamlined solution that is simple enough for everyone to use. Find out what your security system options are by sending an enquiry.

ART Security is based in Melbourne and provide security services which are flexible and easy to use. Our team of qualified professionals are here to support you and discuss your specific security requirements with you. For more information about our security systems for your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone us at 1300 278 732 (1300 ART SEC).

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