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Wednesday 21st June 2017
Holiday Home Security Tips

Tips to Secure Your Holiday Home

For most, holiday homes are a haven to escape to from the hustle and bustle of working life. It may be a private residence, reserved for family and close friends to relax in throughout the years, or perhaps you rent it out to holiday makers as a way to earn more money.

Regardless of how you use your holiday home, you should ensure that it is secure year-round by implementing a security system that will keep your holiday home, and the objects inside it, secure. Our team at ART Security have the following tips for you to follow and implement to keep your holiday home secure.   

Monitored Alarm System and Cameras

One of the easiest and best ways to ensure the safety of your holiday home is to install an alarm system. There are many cameras systems out there which allow you to monitor your security system at a distance, and combined with a monitored alarm system you can be alerted to any disturbances as soon as they happen. Apon alert, you can choose to deploy a patrol car to the location to assess the situation. Cameras are also a great way to ensure that you have eyes on your location without having to be physically present, and allow you to check the property at any time with ease.

Change the Locks or Install Access Control

This is more of a safety tip to those who do rent out of their holiday home. Keep your assets safe by changing the locks occasionally on your holiday home. You can have so many keys floating around, from the holiday pair to the ones that you lend out to service workers or friends. By changing your locks occasionally, you can avoid people gaining access to your property – especially if someone has sneakily cut themselves a pair. Make sure you never have any form of identification on your keys that could indicate the location of the property they unlock.

If you do rent your property, consider installing access control. This will allow you to do away with keys and enter property using a codepad only. This allows for regularly changing codes, and reporting on access gained to site by individual codes as required.

Access control can be installed in conjunction with and controlled by your monitored alarm system. Often allowing for changes like code alteration to be completed remotely.

Keep Up Appearances

One way to deter unauthorised people from entering a property is by making it look like someone is home. Some ways to do this are by having a timer system on your lights so that they turn on and off occasionally within your home and create an illusion. Another is by keeping the blinds open, organising for a neighbour to put out the rubbish bins, and collect the mail regularly.

By taking on board some of these tips and tricks, your holiday home can be significantly safer. Check out our page to see the security systems that we offer, or get in touch to get your holiday home secured today.

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