The Evolution of Home Security
Sunday 6th May 2018
The Evolution of Home Security

When we think of security, we tend to associate it with technology and CCTV cameras. This, however, is only something that has been introduced to homes within the last 40 years. The evolution from depending on moats and armed guards for security to being able to monitor your home from your mobile devices is a fascinating journey. Keep reading to uncover some of the monumental highlights within the progression of home security systems.

Early 1700s: In the early 1700s, Tildesley, an English inventor created an alarm system designed by linking a collection of chimes to secure a door. Whenever the door was opened, the sound of chimes would notify the homeowner of an intruder.

1818: The creation of the Chubb lock occurred in 1818. Jeremiah Chubb invented the first detector lock for a Government held competition to design an unpickable lock. The lock remained unpicked until the 1851 Great Exhibition.

1850s: Before 1853, Boston-based Augustus Russell Pope patented the first electro-magnet alarm system. Before this time, many people depended upon sounds from startled animals and livestock to discover any unwanted intruders on their property. Pope had suffered from health issues which prevented him from continuing with his security project. Before Pope’s death, he transferred the patent to Edwin Holmes who took the security project to New York. Holmes obtained the patent for $9,800 in 1858 and is often labelled as “The Father of the Modern Security Industry”.

1940s: In 1940s, video surveillance technology was first developed. George Orwell’s book entitled ‘1984’ was published in 1949 and influenced society to become sceptical of video surveillance.

1966: Marie van Brittan Brown invents the first home video security system. Nurse Marie van Brittan Brown, alongside her husband, Albert, an electronics technician, devised a home security system that utilised a television monitor set inside the Brown’s bedroom. Brown’s monitor was fed imagery through a radio-controlled wireless system which was connected to a two-way microphone and surveillance camera.

1970s: Although video surveillance was first developed in the 1940s, it wasn’t utilised in homes until the 1970s. Technology started to emerge and advance in intelligence. In the 1970s, motion sensors were introduced, and ultrasonic technology further became established. Infrared technology was also introduced in the 1970s and this further enhanced the capabilities for security systems being able to decipher through false alarms.

 1980s / 1980s: Within the 80s and the 90s, having a security system installed increasingly became the standard. More often during this time, buildings started to be planned with a security system incorporated within the building’s fundamental design and structure.

Present: In current times, we see that the Internet of Things (IoT) has empowered us to be able to monitor and connect all our security systems with our smart devices. Within the early 2010s, the world was introduced to smart home innovations and security automation intelligence began to be embraced by commercial spaces and homeowners. These days, we are now able to view our homes on the screens of our synchronised smart devices and be notified whenever there are any unwanted guests. Whilst it’s true that home security is more accessible and seems easier to DIY, there’s a few reasons why DIYing your home security is a bad idea.

We’ve come a long way from depending upon livestock or pets to alert us of intruders. Keen to find out more about what your modern day security options are? You can call our team of security experts on 1300 278 732 or send us an enquiry. We would love to hear from you and assist you in protecting your home and family.

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