Tuesday 6th June 2017
Emerging Trends

Emerging Trends: How the Internet of Things is Impacting Home Security Measures

We’ve already seen IoT (Internet of Things) skyrocket to popularity, with people all over the world quickly latching onto the idea of owning devices that can instantaneously collect and transmit data. The whirlwind of hype around this phenomenon has nudged manufacturers across many different industries towards finding new ways they can introduce IoT into their market.

Unsurprisingly, the security business is one that has always capitalised on the evolution of consumer and IT technology and as such, IoT has already started trickling into the game. The result? Networked cameras are beginning to actually think and act independently while working in correspondence with one another to better track activity and back each other up if one camera happens to incur damage or obstruction.

With this comes a whirlwind of potential for innovative new surveillance measures. Here are just a few exciting doors IoT is unlocking when it comes to security advancements…

Previously disparate devices set to become interconnected

In the past, security devices have all operated independently of one another. With IoT, we can expect these devices to start linking up and communicating with each other, creating a far superior overarching security system. Imagine the efficiency that would come with integrating video surveillance cameras with smoke detectors, door controllers, loudspeakers and access control panels? The management of entire sites would completely transform, giving end users complete situational awareness and ultimately paving the way for ‘smart buildings’.

Security managed remotely via mobile technology

Thanks to cloud-based computing and wireless technology, a broad scope of industries have already been reshaped. Security is no different. Accessing your commercial or domestic alarm system directly through your smart phone, or even remote PC is now possible. Expensive home automation systems with hardwired backbones make way for wi-fi home automation devices controlled via an app on your smart phone and alarm system.

So, in summary…

As the security industry continues to embrace the wave of technological trends brought by IoD, end users can expect revolutionary new approaches to the way buildings and locations are monitored and protected. With digital innovation comes tightened security measures that are much more easily controlled, managed and accessed – bring it on, we say!

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