Christmas Home Security Tips: Avoiding Bad Santa
Wednesday 20th December 2017
Christmas Home Security Tips: Avoiding Bad Santa

‘Tis the season of gifts, deliveries and travel. We have spent the majority of December stocking our homes with the newest and greatest ‘must have’ items, ready for Christmas day.

For a thief, Christmas yields vast opportunities. The chances of them striking gold within your house in the festive season is significantly higher than any other times throughout the year.

Ensure you take measures to secure your home over the holiday period, and avoid that bad Santa.

1. Secured Festive Lighting

If you are decorating your home with an array of lights over the Christmas season, be aware of how you are powering these. Are you running an extension cord through an open window? That is a huge vulnerability to your security, and criminals know to look out for this when canvassing a home. Make the safer switch to solar powered or battery-operated lighting for your outdoor Christmas lighting.

2. Break Down Gift Packaging and Receipts

Not only is it good practice for the prying eyes of excited children, but breaking down the packages of gifts before rubbish day can help your home security. Across December, our bins will be filled with a variety of packaging detailing the contents of our purchases which is the perfect way for a criminal to gain an idea of what lies underneath your tree. Securely dispose of these articles, and refrain from putting those bins out until collection day.

It is also wise to shred any receipts before disposal. This not only protects your own identity, but also increases the safety of your home over the holiday period. Without doing so, you may be advertising the gifts that they can steal.

3. Going Away? Enlist the Help of Neighbours

It is common for people to take a trip over the Christmas period, and if you fall into this category ensure you plan ahead to keep your home secure. One of the greatest tips is recruiting a neighbour help to keep an eye on your home. This can be as simple as collecting newspapers and mail, or parking their car in your driveway to create the illusion of a full home.

4. Give Yourself the Gift of Home Security

If you haven’t already, ensure that you have a fully operational monitored security system installed on your property. From cameras to alarm systems, you can be alerted of possible intrusions and can take action to guard your home accordingly. There is no greater gift than being safe, and with ART security you can protect the things that matter the most.

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