How to Choose a Home Security System
Wednesday 16th August 2017
How to Choose a Home Security System

Whether you live in a big city or in the country, a home security system is something that must be considered. Typically speaking, there are a good variety of security systems, packages, and bundles to choose from in the modern market. However, you must be diligent and informed to ensure that you pick the right system for your home. Here are several tips for doing that:

Buy a Hybrid System

Home security systems come in wireless and hardwired packages. It’s highly recommended to buy a hybrid system with both wireless and hardwired parts. Wireless systems are very convenient, but may not be as reliable as hardwired systems. Plus with a hardwired system you do not need to worry about changing batteries in detection points, keypads and other equipment. Usually, the best system for existing modern homes is a combination of both. If you are building or renovating your home we recommend a hardwired system.

Use a System that Uses the Mobile Phone Network

The best home security system is the one that communicates over the Wireless (4G/3G). GPRS based systems do not stop working if you lose PSTN connection, internet connection or the power goes out. This is a must-have advantage when buying a monitored alarm system.

Avoid Systems with Analogue Phone Lines

Most security systems in the past used analogue phone lines. But phone lines are now on the way out due to the NBN rollout. People own smartphones and no longer rely on landlines. If you buy a home security system that uses analogue phone lines, your system will very likely be redundant in the next three to five years. Save your money by avoiding these systems.

Check for Battery Backup

There’s little point in having a home security system if it stops working when the power goes out. Therefore, make sure the system you buy has battery backup.

Buy a Full Integrated System with Smart Features

Having a home security system nowadays is more than installing an alarm. Find out what “smart home” features you can integrate with your alarm system today by speaking to your registered security consultant.

Avoid Self Monitored Systems

There are definitely affordable self monitored smart home security systems you can buy. However, security experts warn about self monitoring. There’s always the chance that you may not see the alerts you get on a handheld device. What about when you are not connected, such as when you are on vacation? Therefore, it’s highly recommended to employ a security firm with round the clock monitoring to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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