7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Home Security for Valentine’s Day
Wednesday 14th February 2018
7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Home Security for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and show the people you love that you truly love and care for them. At ART Security, we’re showcasing our love for Valentine’s Day by sharing 7 reasons to fall in love with home security.


  1. Smart Doorbells: Providing many benefits to home owners, smart doorbells are simple to install and gives you the ability to see visitors livestreamed from your front door. Your visitors will be able to speak with you via the intercom and you’ll be able to answer the door whether you’re in your backyard or in your bedroom!


  1. Wireless Monitoring: Installing a wireless security system is a great way to upgrade your existing alarm system to ensure that your security continues to function when the NBN is rolled out in your area. ART Security offers various Monitoring packages that are specifically tailored to meet all your needs. Our bespoke alarm monitoring will give you peace of mind in knowing that you can confidently live your life and have all your possessions protected with the best security tech in the market.


  1. Security Cameras: Security cameras are much loved pieces of technology as they empower you with the ability to watch your home, even if you are physically far away. If you have a pet, security cameras are a good way to keep an eye on your little family member and make sure that they’re not doing anything too mischievous. They also are much loved for their ability to give you peace of mind. Being able to watch your surveillance history and have a visual reference for any potential security breaches will put you at ease and make you feel safe and protected.


  1. Monitored Alarm Systems: Monitored alarm systems are fantastic because they allow you feel safe knowing that your valuables and possessions are constantly being monitored while you are away from your premises. Any security breaches will be alerted to the Monitoring Centre which you will be advised of what sensor/detector has been breached and if required a patrol car will be dispatched to your premises. If keys are supplied a patrol will conduct an internal and external check and relate any finding back to us to pass on to you.


  1. Patrol Response: The Patrol service is a vital part of effectively securing and maintaining your security systems. With ART Security, you are given access to a vast range of fully licensed patrol networks who provide rapid response times, which are well advanced than industry standard response levels.


  1. The Installation Team: At ART Security, the security installation team are extremely well educated and trained in identifying the most efficient and effective way to design a security system to suit your specific needs. Every installation the ART Security team are involved in are finished to the highest quality and only involve products that are suited to Australian standards. For a security system that is bespoke and designed to meet your needs, get in touch with our team and we will help you develop the optimal security solution.


  1. Security Maintenance: A comprehensive security maintenance check is important to ensure that your much-loved possessions are truly protected and that your current security systems are reliable. ART Security Maintenance plans ensure that you are automatically reminded when it’s time to have your security system checked and makes sure that your system is in alignment with Australian Standards. To find out more about which security maintenance plan is right for you, contact our team of security experts at [email protected] or call 1300 278 732 (1300 ART SEC).
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