4 Good Reasons Not To DIY Your Home Security
Wednesday 8th November 2017
4 Good Reasons Not To DIY Your Home Security

DIY options can be a great way to get you moving around the house, involving the family and feeling a sense of achievement. With a huge range of DIY security systems available to the consumer, it is certainly marketed as a viable option. The retailers of this cheap-and-easy ‘solution’ would have you believe that, in this day and age, there is nothing we, as individuals, can’t build, install and maintain ourselves. But I’m not sure I’d feel 100% comfortable without expertise from a professional when it comes to the safety and security of my home. Would you? In this case, it’s certainly not something you should be considering. Security is one thing you don’t want to be cutting costs on and here’s why:

A DIY security system could breach the requirements of your insurance company

While professionally installed and maintained security systems are selected by their providers for the approval and recognition they receive from insurance companies, issuers will not touch claims made by customers whose system does not meet their requirements. These clauses are detailed and, unless you know what you’re doing, there’s a very good chance your DIY job could miss something vital. Another benefit of a professionally installed and maintained system is that, in many cases, you may even receive a discount on your insurance premiums, offsetting some of the cost of the professional system.

Expert advice on placement

Security technicians working for reputable security companies are licenced and have undergone a national police check. They also have a wealth of experience when it comes to placement and installation of appropriate detection devices for your needs. The placement of the detection devices has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the system.  Employing professionals to install and maintain your system ensures correct placement of all detection devices and optimal security for your home or office.

One size definitely doesn’t fit all

When it comes to security, each situation is different as far as what customers want to protect, so you can’t just install any system and expect it to have an equal effect on your property and the next. Security for a unit will almost definitely be quite different from a two-story home built on an acre of land. Professional security providers assist customers in getting the right solution for their home. This tailored approach is something you won’t receive with a DIY system.

It’s not a fix and forget concept

While many DIY jobs have a clear beginning, middle and end, security is not that clear cut. Security systems require regular maintenance in order to keep you and your family safe. Technology continues to change, which means the DIY system you installed last year could need updating as soon as a year later. With professional services, expert advice on the system you choose, along with regular maintenance, will mean that your system lasts you longer and keeps you safer.

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