Thursday 28th September 2017
3 Home Safety Habits You Need to Teach Your Children

Security is important in every home, especially with little ones running around. Amongst the ABCs, 123s, and basic human functions, children need to be learning about security and safety measures. These are irreplaceable skills that they can carry through all stages of life, and heighten their security awareness in potentially dangerous or risky situations. These constructive habits can be taught quite easily, and implemented throughout your home today.

Toy Responsibility

Having a responsibility for the whereabouts of their toys, and putting them away properly, can build accountability of their possessions. Often, we can see expensive bikes, toys and other items strewn across a front lawn which can be a field day for an opportunistic thief.

Through this process, they can build their security awareness through ownership of property – an important factor to be aware of in the future.

Security System Lesson

It is never too early to allow your child to understand your home’s personal security. This can be as simple as teaching your child how to lock the door, to walking them through arming and disarming the alarm system (an activity probably reserved for when they are a bit older).

Make sure you get them into a routine of checking the main entrances/exits of the home before they go to sleep or before you leave the home on a family day out. This will build essential habits that they will use throughout their life.

Phone and Door Safety

One thing that most parents are great at is enforcing rules about answering the phone and answering the front door. When answering the phone, there needs to be clear cut rules. Jotting down the caller’s details and information without giving out information is key towards phone safety. If a parent isn’t around, ensure that they know not to say that to the caller, especially if the caller is unknown.

Likewise for the front door. If the person at the front door is unknown to them, they should know not to open it for them. A great way to ensure safety in this way is by installing an intercom system at your front door. This captures live image and allows the home owner or occupant to talk to the person at the door from the safety of their home.

In the case that the person doesn’t leave, it is vital that your child knows the correct people to call, such as a trusted adult or police.

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