Keysborough Security Systems – Commercial Access Control, CCTV & More

Whether you’re looking to keep your home safe while you’re overseas with discreet security cameras, or you’re looking for comprehensive security solutions for your business – you’ll want to go with the best.

ART Security helps keep Keysborough safe with state of the art security systems at affordable rates. We’ll help you assess your security needs, provide you with the newest in security systems, install them, and respond if there’s detected a security breach.

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Our comprehensive security solutions

Are you looking for ways to keep your Keysborough home safer? It’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to invest in domestic security solutions. For homes we can install alarms to detect a breach, and discreet cameras around the property with a live feed reachable by you from your online devices.

If you are managing a larger industrial or commercial site, you’ll want to know that your security is as good as it can be. We can help you with installing commercial CCTV systems, security cameras, and industrial access control. Access control allows you to control who comes and goes to your industrial or commercial site.


Security monitoring

ART Security is one of Melbourne’s leading security solutions providers and monitoring centres. We’ve been keeping properties safe since the early 1980s, and work continuously with a core of customer satisfaction, quality of products and cost-effectiveness. We’ll keep your Dandenong property safe for you and ensure a security guard or a police patrol arrives swiftly if needed.


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Security solutions is an investment that should last for years. That’s why we’re passionate about discussing security needs closely with our clients before deciding on the security system that would best meet their needs. We’ll assess whether you’d be best off with a comprehensive industrial CCTV system, or security cameras to deter theft and to keep an eye on your commercial property.

To learn more about what we can do for you, or to discuss your options, feel free to call us today on 1300 278 732. Our friendly team are always up for a chat.