Bespoke Security – Commercial CCTV Systems and Access Control in Dandenong

At ART Security, we’re passionate about helping our customers attain peace of mind through our state-of-the-art security solutions. If you’re looking for a company that can help you install, maintain, monitor, and repair your alarm monitoring system and other security solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

ART Security provides top-quality security solutions for safety-minded homeowners and business owners alike. Our solutions are scalable from discreet cameras to keep your home safe, to comprehensive security systems for commercial and industrial sites with CCTV, access control, security guards, and more. With ART Security you can get what you need, and only pay what you must.


The bespoke CCTV systems for industrial properties

At ART Security we’re passionate about helping our clients get the security they require at affordable prices. Having security systems such as CCTV installed on commercial or industrial properties is paramount for keeping equipment, property and crew safe.

If you’d like to know who comes and goes to your commercial property, or to restrict access to certain areas of your industrial site, we can help you install easy-to-use access control throughout. Your property can be fitted with CCTV with colour vision and infrared so that you can see clearly if there is a breech in security, and have it monitored from our monitoring centre. For extra safety, hiring onsite security guards is a great way for ensuring security is maintained.


Security cameras for commercial and residential use

In recent years it’s becoming increasingly common for people to install discreet security cameras in and around their residential properties for increased peace of mind. Many of our clients say they feel uncomfortable leaving their homes for prolonged periods of time without knowing they have an active CCTV or alarm system installed.
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