Client’s Ongoing Responsibilities

Monitoring Records update: your monitoring records should be kept up to date at all times to ensure your security cover is not compromised including premise telephone number and authorised contact list.   All permanent alterations to client monitoring records must be received in writing by the CMS via email, fax or letter.

Use of Voice Codes: voice codes are passwords that enable the Monitoring Centre operators to accurately identify authorised personnel on site.  Voice codes should be simple, unambiguous words – alpha numeric or alpha – that are easy to recall. All personnel who have authority to turn the system on or off or need to authorise action when an alarm event occurs require a voice code including all authorised contacts.

Regular System Testing: clients should regularly test their security system by:

  1. contacting ART’s Monitoring Centre;
  2. quote voice code;
  3. requesting the system be put on test;
  4. activate system by pushing panic button and triggering movement sensors; and,
  5. contact ART to be taken off test and establish reporting sequence is correct.

Regular Re-appraisals: as your element of risk and the physical layout of your premise can change clients are advised to organise regular re-appraisals of their security requirements from one of our professional consultants so that their security cover is not compromised.