Home Security Systems from Hawthorn’s Leading Experts

It can be confronting to think about, but most of us are only as safe in homes as potential security threats allow us to be. While improving your home or business security is difficult and often leads to some expense, simply relying on your property not being targeted is a much greater risk in the long run. To make sure your family and assets are safe, call on ART Security, the foremost Hawthorn experts when it comes to home security systems, CCTV, alarm monitoring systems, and security guard services.

Alarm monitoring means we’re always there to help you out of trouble

ART have been in the security business in Melbourne for more than 30 years, and have developed fantastic systems for judging what solution is right for a property. We can outfit your home or office with state of the art CCTV and alarm systems, offering a significant deterrent for potential security threats. If anyone is daring enough to try and breach your security, ART’s cutting-edge alarm monitoring system will immediately detect the intrusion, and professional security guards will be dispatched to address the cause of the breach.

Hawthorn’s top professional network of security guards

On-site security is a concern for many businesses, whose valuable assets demand a live presence to prevent vandalism and theft. ART Security has carefully grown a network of trained, professional security guards who can protect your property and listen to your instructions. Feel like your security team is there to serve you, with ART’s customary excellent service and commitment to the job.

We offer a full range of security guard hire services, from static guards to protect your event perimeter or business entrance, to route- or randomly-patrolling guard teams to meet intrustions head on.

Call 1300 278 732 today to discuss security guard hire, alarm monitoring, or any of our other potent security solutions.