CCTV and Alarm Systems Installed in Camberwell

Is your home security system sufficiently up-to-date and well-rounded to deal with threats to your person or property? How about your business premises; what measures are in place there to guard you against the potential for vandalism and theft?

While the worst case scenario may be ghoulish and unlikely to entertain, it is not at all unlikely that you will have your security tested one way or another, and when that happens it helps to know that you were well prepared. ART Security are Camberwell’s leading provider of home security systems, happily protecting residents with CCTV cameras and remote alarm monitoring for over 30 years. Speak to us today about home security and we can put together a tailored solution which guards your home in the way it’s most likely to need, at a cost that won’t break your bank.

Hire security guards from a business-friendly security company

ART Security’s long years in the industry have given us plenty of relevant experience at protecting homes and business alike. While a different approach and measures should be taken to help with each, our security company is flexible enough to provide. Enjoy CCTV protection and remote alarm monitoring via secure T1 connection, and add on live security guards to suit your company’s needs. Our combined security systems are hugely successful at preventing criminal loss and damage to businesses, combining passive and active deterrants with a consistent on-site presence and 24-hour fast response to any breach.

The most advanced and reliable alarm monitoring in Camberwell

Alarm monitoring is one of the best ways to allow for a fast, decisive response to security breaches without maintaining a constant presence on site. ART Security are one of only 2 monitoring centres in Australia with the approval to use cutting edge Type 1 Monitoring connections, the most reliable and highly secure technology in the world in this field.

To discuss potential alarm monitoring, CCTV installation or other security solutions, call 1300 278 732 today.