An SMS notification based platform providing clients with a faster, more effective and efficient service when your alarm system is not armed by it’s designated time.

Instructions how to action the Late to Close SMS notification can be found here Late to Close SMS Instruction Guide

If you require any further assistance please email [email protected] or call one of our team members on 1300 278 732.

Late to Close SMS notification monitoring features:

  • convenient SMS instead of a phone call
  • nominate up to 3 mobile phone numbers per account
  • immediate actioning via SMS once your security system becomes ‘Late To Close’
  • one nominated user handles the notification
  • choose 3 different actioning options with the press of a button
    – Extend for 2 hours
    – Not closing
    – Remote Arm (additional charges will apply)
  • other users will be notified by SMS that it has been actioned and by who
  • Central Monitoring Operators will commence verbal contact with the after-hours contacts listed on your account (as per current procedure) if no user response to SMS

Clients utilising the ‘Late To Close’ feature can nominate up to 3 mobile phone numbers which can be different from the mobile phone numbers listed in their after-hours contact list.