Why do I need a security system?

Whether for your home or business, a security system provides you with peace of mind. Homes and businesses with security systems are less likely to be broken into than those without security systems. In most cases, losses due to burglary are minimised in homes and businesses with security systems.

How does a security system work to protect my home or business?

Security Alarms systems rely on the siren noise deterring an intruder by alerting people within the vicinity that a break-in has occurred and at the same time communicating an alarm signal through to a Monitoring Centre for a rapid response to be made to the premise.

How does a monitored alarm security system offer protection?

Monitored Alarm systems report status changes at a premise to ART’s Monitoring Centre 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, so that a prompt response can be initiated by ART’s experienced Monitoring Centre Operators.

How does my security system communicate to the Monitoring Centre?

The range of monitoring platforms available from ART’s Grade A1 Monitoring Centre are:

  • 3G Wireless Monitoring (suitable for low, medium and high risk)
  • Dialler (suitable for low to medium risk)
  • Type 1 (available for very high risk premises including Government, Government Infrastructure and Suppliers to Government).
Can I save money on my Home and Contents insurance by having a security system?

Yes, most insurance companies will give you a discount on your Home and Contents insurance for having a monitored security system installed in your home. Please contact your insurance provider to see what savings you can receive on your Home and Contents policy.

How much does the ART monitoring service cost?

From as little as $1 per a day.

What are ART’s Protection Plans?

ART Protection Plans are more than a maintenance programme. They complement your monitoring service and deliver many cost-saving benefits.

Protection Plans can be tailored to your specific needs. As a minimum they provide one functionality check per year by a qualified technician to ensure your security system is operating correctly and has comprehensive coverage. It also qualifies the system to comply with Australian Standards.

During this visit you have the opportunity to discuss new products with the technician and update your monitoring records. It should be noted that Police require your system to be Australian Standards compliant before they will attend an alarm event. Being covered by a Protection Plan gives this assurance.

I already have smoke detectors in my home, why do I need to install a monitored smoke detection system?

The smoke detectors in your home are local detectors. That is, when they detect smoke, they make noise but nothing more. If a fire starts while you are not home, they aren’t going to do you any good.

With a smoke detection system – that is one where the smoke detectors are part of the monitored security system – the ART Monitoring Centre will be notified when a smoke alarm is activated and you will be notified, regardless of whether or not you are home at the time.

What do I do if I set the alarm off accidentally?

Immediately enter your 4 digit code and turn the system off. The majority of modern systems have the capacity to communicate to the Monitoring Centre that a valid code has turned the system off after the code has been entered. This is acknowledged as a slow open, therefore the alarm does not need to be actioned by the Monitoring Centre.

What if there is a power failure?

All security systems are fitted with a back-up battery for use in the event of mains power failure.

Do you supply and install Wireless Alarms Systems?

Yes, ART Security is very experienced installing systems in older parts of Melbourne (two storey double brick buildings) where wireless systems are ideal due to the inability to run cables concealed within the building.

When is my scheduled maintenance due?

Please fill out PPC booking request form and representative will contact you with the information.

What is the life of my alarm panel back up battery?

Longevity of back up batteries is entirely dependent on the following factors: how many devices is the battery powering? How many power outages have been experienced? How long was each outage? ART Security provide a 12 month warranty on all new back up batteries, 3 months on labour for installation.

How long will my back up battery last in the event of A/C Failure?

This will depend on the size of your alarm system and type of devices the battery is required to power and the age of your back up battery.

What is the warranty on service work?

ART Security provide a 12 month warranty on all newly installed parts and a 3 month warranty on labour.

What service and maintenance appointment arrival times can you guarantee?

8:30am Tuesday – Friday is the only appointment time that is guaranteed arrival. Outside of this appointment time a window of expected arrival will be indicated. Either 9:30-1pm or 1-5pm. If the technician has been delayed on a previous job and your window of expected arrival is not going to be satisfied our representative will contact you prior and offer to reschedule the call if the later window of arrival is not suitable for you.

Can I get my electrician to work on my alarm system?

No, unless your electrician is a certified and registered security technician they should not be working on your alarm system. Any work performed by parties other than ART Security will void any warranties that may be in place.