Utilising the digital dialler inbuilt into most business and home security security systems Dialler Monitoring engages an analogue telephone line (PSTN) to transmit events to ART Security’s (ART) Monitoring Centre (MC).

ART employs dedicated Securidial phone numbers (1345 #’s), reserved specifically for security industry use, as a path over which dialler alarm monitoring events are reported to the Company’s MC.  The benefit of the dedicated service telephone service is increased availability for prompt event reporting compared to the standard (PSTN) telephone lines.

If the alarm panel is unable to send an event via the primary Securidial telephone number it will switch to the secondary Securidial number. This important function is facilitated by the high quality receivers located in ART’s Monitoring Centre.

Dialler Monitoring operates on an industry standard user pays system.  The alarm panel generates a telephone call each time an alarm event is reported to ART’s MC.  These telephone calls are directly charged directly to the client by their telecommunication provider.   Such telephone call charges are separate and in addition to any monitoring fee charged by ART. 

Dialler Monitoring does not provide a polled alarm transmission path. Therefore, a standard test report is programmed into the alarm panel so that regular checks of the alarm reporting path can be made, this means that when alarm events are not received within the industry standard specified test cycle, ART’s monitoring software will generate an actionable event.  ART’s Monitoring Centre Operators (MCO) will contact an authorised person listed in the client’s monitoring records and requent they generate a test event from the alarm panel so that the transmission path can be checked to ensure it is still viable.  

Dialler Monitoring systems require a working analogue PSTN telephone line connected to the alarm panel in order to communicate alarm events to ART’s Monitoring Centre.

Dialler Monitoring is most suitable for premises where the level of risk is ascertained to be low.


ART currently has outstanding offers for upgrading Dialler Monitoring to the latest technology in security monitoring - Wireless Security Monitoring.

 Upgrade to Wireless Security Monitoring today to enjoy the many added benefits this solution provides including:

  • a polled transmission path which regularly checks the integrity of the alarm reporting path
  • full event reporting  
  • eliminate any additional telco charges for alarm event transmissions

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