Alarm event response procedures

Each State Regulator has instituted an Alarm Response Policy to reduce Police responses to unwanted alarm events thereby making best use of Police resources for actual security breaches.  Alarm Response Policies have been put in place to ensure accountability for verification of alarms by the Private Security Industry and its clients.  Each alarm event has to fulfill certain conditions before Police will guarantee to attend.

In some States Police have established a priority telephone line for high priority events such as hold-up.  There is a charge for use of this priority telephone line which is passed on to the client by ART Security (ART).

ART’s Monitoring Centre (MC) complies with the requirement of the State Fire Brigades for visual confirmation of a fire on site before Fire Brigade assistance can be requested.  Substantial charges can be levied by the Fire Brigades to ART for attendance where there is no genuine event.  If such charges are levied this cost will be passed on to the client. 

Alarm Response Policies and Procedures for each State Regulator are available on their individual websites.  It is important when considering electronic monitoring to understand these policies so that you are fully aware of where and when State Police will respond to alarm events.

The requirements of each State jurisdiction generally incorporate the following elements –

  1. If the alarm event indicates that a significant security breach has occurredsuch as:
  • hold-up
  • duress
  • alarm from a high risk premise
  • multi-sector or multi-break burglarycommunication failure

              and has been generated from a security system that is:

  1. installed in any premises
  2. is maintained in line with the recommendations of Australian Standards
  3. monitored by an approved Monitoring Centre (licensed by State Regulator and graded to Australian Standards)
  4. activated by the owner, occupier or representative because of an apparent risk or an apparent intruder
  5. keys to the premise are available within a reasonable time to enable Police access (defined as an authorised person with keys and code to turn off the security system – client and/or patrol)

Police response will be guaranteed.

B. Visual verification of an intruder on site can also qualify an alarm event for Police response

Note: In some States alarm events generated from mobile devices, such as pendants, cannot be classified as hold-ups.

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